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Enter your business property postcode

Energy prices depend on what area of the UK your business is located. From a pricing viewpoint the UK is divided into 14 separate distribution areas:

  • 10 - Eastern
  • 11 - East Midlands
  • 12 - London
  • 13 - Manweb
  • 14 - Midlands
  • 15 - Northern
  • 16 - Norweb
  • 17 - Scottish Hydro
  • 18 - Scottish Power
  • 19 - Seeboard
  • 20 - Southern
  • 21 - Swalec
  • 22 - SWEB
  • 23 - Yorkshire


Meter Information

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Enter your MPAN and/or meter serial number if known

Electricity meter number (MPAN) - where do I find

The supply number is typically 21 digits long, and can be found on your electricity bill. If you cannot find your S number, you should contact your current electricity supplier, who will be able to help you.

To allow us to obtain the best selection of tariffs for your business it is important that you input as much information as you can.

The information in this section relates to the SUPPLY address and not the billing address if this is different.

If you have your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and/or your meter serial number please do include these.



Contact Details

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Enter your contact details so that we may contact you

The information collected in this section allows us to send you the full quotation by email and/or telephone.

Information collected is NEVER sold, rented or shared to any third party it is obtained purely for the purposes of preparing our energy quotation.


Existing Electricity Supplier

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Select which supplier supplies your business with electricity.

You need to select who your existing electricity supplier is.

From the drop-down menu please select from one of the following suppliers:

  • Accord Energy Limited
  • Atlantic Electric and Gas
  • Basic Power
  • BizzEnergy
  • British Energy
  • British Gas
  • Caboodle Energy
  • E.ON UK
  • Economy Power
  • Ecotricity
  • EDF Energy
  • Electricity 4 Business (E4B)
  • Electricity Direct
  • Eledor
  • Elf Business Energy
  • Energy Data
  • EON (formerly Powergen)
  • Essential Power
  • First Utility
  • Fortum Direct
  • Gaz de France ESS
  • Good Energy
  • Haven Power
  • International Power
  • npower
  • Opus Energy
  • Powergen (now known as EON)
  • Scottish Gas
  • Scottish Hydro Electric
  • Scottish Power
  • Sempra Energy
  • SmartestEnergy
  • Southern Electric
  • Team GE
  • Telecom Plus
  • The Team Group
  • Total Gas and Power
  • TradeLink Solutions
  • Utilita Electricity
  • Utility Link
  • Wilton Energy
  • Yorkshire Electricity

Once you select which supplier please also insert the date your existing contract expires and also the name of the tariff or price plan you are on.

It is extremely important that the expiry date you enter is accurate as this will reflect the existing and new prices that we can offer.


Existing Electricity Consumption

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Enter your current electricity consumption

To allow us to carry out accurate comparison we need to understand how much energy your business uses during the course of the year.

If you have a multi-rate meter please separate out the consumption associated with that meter.

Be as accurate as you can as this allows our system to calculate the very best price for your electricity.

kWhs per annum (day rate)

Do you have a multi-rate meter

If yes

kWhs per annum (night rate)

kWhs per annum (weekend rate)

Your calculated total kWhs per annum


Your Comparison Criteria

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Select what type of tariffs that you would like to compare

Contract Length
Our system allows you to select the contract period that you are seeking. Please note that it is worth looking at all periods available, although you do need to be aware of the implications of a short term contract whilst energy prices continue to increase.

I would like to Compare: